177. Why do you want to work here?




Can you tell us about what attracted you to our company and what are you looking forward to the most in your desired role?

Skill Accessed
  • 1. Self-awareness : Reflecting on personal career goals and values, and how they align with the company.

  • 2. Research : Demonstrating that you have conducted thorough research about the company and understand its mission, culture, and values.

  • 3. Enthusiasm : Showing genuine excitement and interest in the company and the role.

  • 4. Alignment : Articulating how your skills and experiences align with the job and company's needs.

  • 1. Alignment Check : To gauge if your personal and professional aspirations are in sync with the company's direction.

  • 2. Cultural Fit : Evaluate whether your values and behavior are compatible with the company's culture.

  • 3. Motivation Assessment : To determine your motivation for applying beyond the paycheck, such as growth opportunities, company reputation, etc.

  • 4. Long-term Potential : Understanding if you view the position as a long-term opportunity rather than a temporary step.

  • 1. Company Values : Cite specific examples of the company’s values that resonate with you.

  • 2. Future Vision : Discuss how you see yourself growing with the company and contributing to its goals.

  • 3. Unique Offerings : Mention unique programs, initiatives, products, or services the company offers that excite you.

Culture Fit
Work Ethic
Graduate Engineer Trainee
Software Engineer
Marketing Coordinator
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