2. What is your greatest strength?




Can you describe what you consider to be your greatest strength and how it has helped you professionally?

Skill Accessed
  • 1. Self-awareness : Being aware of one's abilities and how they contribute to personal and professional success.

  • 2. Communication : Effectively conveying how a personal strength has been beneficial in a professional setting.

  • 3. Critical thinking : Analyzing and understanding which of one's traits have the most positive impact.

  • 4. Professional development : Continuously improving and leveraging strengths for career advancement.

  • 1. Evaluating Self-Knowledge : Assessing the candidate's understanding of their own strengths.

  • 2. Determining Relevance : Understanding how the candidate's strengths align with the needs of the role or company.

  • 3. Assessing Impact : Evaluating how the candidate's strengths have positively influenced their professional life.

  • 4. Judging Maturity : Seeing how the candidate has grown and developed their strengths over time.

  • 1. Relate to the role : Connect your strength directly to the responsibilities and challenges of the job you're applying for.

  • 2. Be honest : Choose a genuine strength; avoid clichés or generic strengths that don't set you apart.

  • 3. Show growth : Discuss how you have developed this strength over time and how it continues to serve you.

Work Ethic
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