6. What goal have you achieved and how have you accomplished it?




Please share an example of a personal or professional goal you have set and achieved. How did you go about accomplishing this goal?

Skill Accessed
  • 1. Goal-setting : The ability to identify achievable and relevant objectives.

  • 2. Planning : Developing a clear step-by-step strategy to achieve objectives.

  • 3. Persistence : Staying motivated and overcoming obstacles to meet targets.

  • 4. Time management : Allocating resources and scheduling tasks effectively to meet deadlines.

  • 1. Evaluating Planning Skills : Understanding the candidate's capability to plan and execute long-term projects.

  • 2. Assessing Commitment : Judging how committed the candidate is towards personal and professional growth.

  • 3. Testing Resilience : Seeing how the candidate handles challenges and setbacks in the pursuit of their goals.

  • 4. Determining Result-orientation : Evaluating whether the candidate is driven to achieve tangible outcomes.

  • 1. Outline the process : Discuss the steps you took to achieve the goal, highlighting any strategic planning involved.

  • 2. Mention challenges : Describe any difficulties you encountered and how you overcame them.

  • 3. Reflect on the outcome : Evaluate what the achievement meant for your personal or professional development.

Work Ethic
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