257. Why did you select a business degree?




Can you tell me about your decision to pursue a business degree? What influenced your choice and how do you think it has prepared you for a role as a Sales Associate?

Skill Accessed
  • 1. Self-awareness : This question evaluates your ability to reflect on your personal educational choices and what motivated them.

  • 2. Goal orientation : It looks for an understanding of how your degree aligns with your career objectives.

  • 3. Strategic thinking : The question assesses your foresight in choosing a degree that would benefit your future career plans.

  • 4. Personal development : Your response should demonstrate a commitment to personal growth and continuous learning.

  • 1. Alignment with role : To see how your educational background aligns with the responsibilities of a Sales Associate.

  • 2. Understanding of the business world : To gauge your grasp of business principles and how they apply to sales.

  • 3. Motivation assessment : To understand what drives your career choices and ambitions.

  • 4. Transferable skills identification : To identify the skills from your degree that you can apply to the sales role.

  • 1. Relate your degree to sales : Discuss specific courses or projects from your degree that are relevant to a career in sales.

  • 2. Highlight learning outcomes : Explain how your business degree provided knowledge or skills that are essential for a sales position.

  • 3. Connect with the company's values : If applicable, align your reasons for choosing a business degree with the company's mission or values.

Work Ethic
Sales Associate
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