144. Why are you interested in working at Google?




What motivates you to seek a position with our company, and what aspects of the company align with your career goals and aspirations?

Skill Accessed
  • 1. Self-awareness : Demonstrates your ability to evaluate your own interests and how they align with the company's offerings.

  • 2. Alignment of values : Shows how your personal values and the company's culture and mission are in sync.

  • 3. Career goals articulation : Allows you to express your long-term career objectives and how the company fits into your professional development plan.

  • 4. Company knowledge : Reflects the research you have done about the company and understanding of what makes it unique or appealing to you.

  • 1. Cultural fit assessment : Assesses how well your values and aspirations align with the company culture.

  • 2. Passion gauge : Gauges your genuine interest in the company, beyond just the job role.

  • 3. Long-term interest : Determines if you are likely to stay with the company for the long haul by assessing if your career goals align with the company’s direction.

  • 4. Commitment level : Evaluates how much effort you are likely to put into the work and the company based on your level of interest.

  • 1. Company uniqueness : Mention what you believe sets the company apart from other organizations and why that’s important to you.

  • 2. Personal connection : If applicable, share a personal story or connection that drew you to the company.

  • 3. Growth opportunities : Discuss how the company's environment or professional development opportunities are aligned with your own growth objectives.

Culture Fit
Software Engineer
Account Manager
Financial Analyst
Senior Auditor
Technical Program Manager
Data Analyst
Program Manager
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