88. What is the last thing you purchased on Amazon?




Could you tell me about the last item you bought on Amazon, and walk me through the decision process you took to select that particular item?

Skill Accessed
  • 1. Decision-making : Assesses your ability to make choices and select preferences after considering the available information and weighing options.

  • 2. Attention to detail : Evaluates your capacity to observe and recall specific features or components of the item you purchased.

  • 3. Communication : Gauges your ability to articulate the rationale behind your choice clearly and effectively.

  • 4. Critical thinking : Analyzes how well you can evaluate options, troubleshoot issues, or navigate the purchasing process effectively.

  • 1. Insight into personal preferences : Helps the interviewer understand your personal tastes, which might give an indication of your personality or values.

  • 2. Analyzing thought process : Looks at how you approach decision-making, which can be indicative of your problem-solving style in the workplace.

  • 3. Understanding of online tools : Evaluates your familiarity and competency with e-commerce platforms, which could be relevant to tech-savviness or modern workplace tools.

  • 4. Judging priorities : Considers what you prioritize when making a purchase, such as cost, quality, or brand reputation, which might relate to how you prioritize tasks at work.

  • 1. Relate to practicality : Consider discussing how the item fulfills a practical need, reflecting on your pragmatic side.

  • 2. Mention research undertaken : Talk about any research you did before the purchase, which shows your diligence and thoroughness.

  • 3. Connect to broader behaviour : Try to connect the way you made your Amazon purchase to how you make decisions or solve problems in a professional context.

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