17. What do you do if you disagree with your team?




Disagreements within teams are inevitable. Describe a time when you disagreed with your team’s direction and how you handled it.

Skill Accessed
  • 1. Conflict resolution : Effectively managing and resolving disagreements in a constructive manner

  • 2. Persuasion : Convincing others to consider different viewpoints or approaches

  • 3. Diplomacy : Handling sensitive issues with tact and care

  • 4. Integrity : Maintaining ethical standards and standing by one’s values even when challenged

  • 1. Assessing Conflict Resolution Skills : Determining how the candidate navigates disagreements and seeks resolutions

  • 2. Evaluating Team Interaction : Observing how the candidate interacts with others under conflict conditions

  • 3. Understanding Ethical Standards : Evaluating the candidate's commitment to their principles when faced with opposition

  • 4. Judging Persuasive Skills : Testing the candidate’s ability to influence and persuade team members towards a consensus

  • 1. Provide context : Explain the nature of the disagreement and why it occurred

  • 2. Highlight constructive approaches : Describe the methods you used to address and resolve the disagreement

  • 3. Discuss outcomes : Focus on the results of the disagreement, especially if it led to a positive change or learning opportunity

  • 4. Show respect for diversity of thought : Emphasize how you value different opinions and seek to integrate diverse perspectives

Conflict Resolution
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