91. What are your weaknesses?




Everyone has areas they can improve on. Could you share with me what you consider to be your weaknesses or areas you’re working to get better at?

Skill Accessed
  • 1. Self-awareness : Ability to recognize and understand your own limitations and how they might affect your professional life.

  • 2. Candidness : Being open to discuss areas that are not your strengths demonstrates trust in the interviewer and acknowledges your human side.

  • 3. Growth mindset : The inclination to view weaknesses as areas for potential growth and learning rather than fixed traits.

  • 4. Reflective Thinking : The capability to assess one's own performance and behavior in professional settings to identify potential weaknesses.

  • 1. Assessing Self-awareness : Understanding whether you have a realistic perception of your own abilities including areas of needed improvement.

  • 2. Evaluating Honesty : Determining your ability to honestly recognize not just your strengths but also your flaws.

  • 3. Identifying Growth Potential : Understanding how you perceive challenges and if you are oriented towards personal growth.

  • 4. Understanding Adaptability : Gauging your willingness and ability to learn new skills or adapt behaviors to overcome shortcomings.

  • 1. Balance : Provide a weakness that is honest but also frames you in a positive light, by showing your active efforts to improve.

  • 2. Professional Relevance : Choose weaknesses that are relevant to the professional context yet not so critical that they raise a red flag about your ability to succeed.

  • 3. Positive Outcome : Discuss the steps you are taking to address your weakness, showing a trajectory of improvement and how it has made a difference.

Work Ethic
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