10. Tell us about a time you took a leadership role




Whether officially or not, describe a situation where you took on a leadership role. What was the situation and what did you do?

Skill Accessed
  • 1. Leadership : Ability to guide and influence others towards achieving a goal.

  • 2. Decision-making : Choosing the best course of action in a given situation, often under pressure.

  • 3. Communication : Effectively conveying ideas and ensuring mutual understanding within a team.

  • 4. Conflict resolution : Handling disagreements and facilitating a peaceful and productive resolution.

  • 1. Assessing Leadership Ability : Understanding the candidate's capability to lead and manage teams, even unofficially.

  • 2. Evaluating Team Interaction : Observing how the candidate interacts with others and influences team dynamics.

  • 3. Judging Problem-solving Skills : Determining the candidate's ability to solve problems that arise within a team setting.

  • 4. Understanding Adaptability : Evaluating the candidate's flexibility in taking on roles as needed, particularly leadership roles.

  • 1. Use a clear example : Choose a specific instance where your leadership made a discernible difference. Detail what the challenge was, what actions you took, and the outcomes.

  • 2. Highlight interpersonal skills : Discuss how you managed team dynamics, motivated others, and communicated effectively.

  • 3. Emphasize decision-making : Describe critical decisions you made and why they were important for the success of the project or team.

  • 4. Reflect on your growth : Discuss what you learned from the experience and how it has influenced your subsequent leadership roles or approach.

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