758. Describe a situation where you did not keep a promise to the customer




Can you tell me about a time when you were unable to fulfill a commitment you made to a customer? What happened, and how did you handle the situation?

Skill Accessed
  • 1. Accountability : The ability to take responsibility for one's actions and decisions, especially when a commitment is not met.

  • 2. Problem-solving : Demonstrating the capability to effectively address and resolve unexpected challenges.

  • 3. Communication : Showing competence in informing and negotiating with the customer about the unmet promise and finding a resolution.

  • 4. Customer service : Maintaining customer satisfaction even when failing to meet initial expectations or promises.

  • 1. Integrity assessment : Evaluating your ability to honestly acknowledge and learn from instances where you fell short.

  • 2. Conflict resolution : Assessing your capability to manage and resolve disputes or disappointments faced by customers.

  • 3. Adaptability : Gauging how you adjust your approach when the original plan cannot be followed through.

  • 4. Resilience : Understanding your capacity to recover from setbacks and maintain a positive relationship with the customer.

  • 1. Reflect on the impact : Think of a situation where the broken promise had a significant impact on the customer, and highlight your learning experience.

  • 2. Emphasize the resolution process : Discuss the steps you took to rectify the situation or compensate the customer.

  • 3. Conclude with the outcome : Wrap up by describing the final resolution and any positive feedback or results that followed from your actions.

Problem Solving
Area Manager
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