109. Can you estimate what portion of your day will involve coding and other activities you will perform when not coding?




I'd like you to think about your typical workday and break down how much time you spend on coding versus other tasks. Could you walk me through these aspects and give me an estimate?

Skill Accessed
  • 1. Time Management : This question assesses your ability to efficiently manage your time by understanding and articulating how you allocate it among various responsibilities.

  • 2. Self-Awareness : The question requires you to be introspective and reflect on your daily work routine and habits.

  • 3. Prioritization : It also checks your skill in prioritizing tasks, suggesting how you determine which activities to focus on throughout the day.

  • 4. Communication : Articulating the division of your day shows your communication skill, illustrating your ability to clearly and effectively describe your workflow and time allocation.

  • 1. Understanding of Role : The question aims to clarify how well you comprehend the requirements of your job, especially the balance between coding and other responsibilities.

  • 2. Insight into Daily Operations : It provides insight into your normal operating rhythm and what a typical day looks like for you.

  • 3. Awareness of Non-Coding Skills : The interviewer wants to understand your awareness and value of non-coding activities, which are often crucial to the success of a project.

  • 4. Task Management : It's also a way for the interviewer to gauge how you manage various tasks and stay productive, not just with coding but with the full scope of your duties.

  • 1. Discuss Balance : Explain that your day involves a balance between coding and other tasks and describe what those other tasks might include, such as meetings, research, or collaboration.

  • 2. Mention Agile or Other Frameworks : If applicable, mention any project management frameworks you use, like Agile, that influence how you allocate your time during the workday.

  • 3. Relate to Job Description : Relate your current or past experience to the job description or role you are interviewing for to show that your time management aligns with their expectations.

Work Ethic
Software Engineer
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